FLORENCE – september 2020

From 4 to 14 September 2020 the artist will participate in the International exhibition of contemporary art – GENESIS” at the prestigious and suggestive location of the Bellini Museum in Florence.

The term “Genesis” of Greek derivation embodies our concept of birth. The central node of an exhibition that leads the artists to reflect on themes ranging from the biblical creation of the world to the physical and spiritual rebirth of each of us. Sculpture, painting, photography, each form of art participates in the dialogue of artists in a time, our contemporary, in which speed and immediacy have taken the place of reflection on our everyday life, on our origins, while a new set of values and ideas is necessary to regain possession of the present.

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INNSBRUCK (AUSTRIA) – january 2020

Excellent results from ART Innsbruck 2020 (24th edition) in Austria.

The number of visitors and the quality of the exhibition are remarkable. As usual, we received a visit from Johanna Penz, senator and director of ART Innsbruck and ART Salzburg who, a great admirer, congratulated herself on the quality of the works on display.




MILAN – november 2019

Botticelli is present in the prestigious “Catalog of Modern Art n. 55 – Italian artists from the early twentieth century to today “among the 900 best and most popular Italian artists. The 968-page catalog is published by a Giorgio Mondadori.

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BARCELLONA – september 2019

On Saturday 7 September at 6 pm,  at the Galería Aragón 232  Carrer d’Aragó 232- Barcelona (SPAGNA), the International exhibition of contemporary art INSIDE ART will be inaugurated, curated by  Anna Isopo.

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Exhibition hours:
Monday to Friday 11-14 and 16.30-20.00
Saturday 11-14
Sunday closed

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The INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR OF ART AWARD was awarded in August, on the occasion of the Video Exhibition curated by Salvo Nugnes held in Instanbul, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo from 26 July to 12 August 2019.

With the contribution of the artist José Dalì, son of Salvador Dalì, of the RAI journalist Antonietta Di Vizi and of the internationally renowned photographer Roberto Villa, friend of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Dario Fo, the International Art Ambassador Award landed on 1 August in the largest city in China, bringing the works of the authors first to the Grand Central Hotel Shanghai and then to the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Beijing on August 6th.

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From 7 to 11 November 2018, the artist will participate in the MONTREUX ART GALLERY 2018 for the 14th edition of the Swiss Art Fair.

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VATICAN – 2017

On behalf of the Community of Capodarco, commission of a painting representing the Abbey of San Marco le Paludi di Fermo (bent over parchment).

The gift was personally delivered to POPE FRANCIS on February 25, 2017 at the Sala Nervi in Vatican City. 

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The artist was selected in the GemlucArt – Concours International d’Art Contemporain8° Edition, and was invited to exhibit from 8 to 16 October at the Ranieri III Auditorium in Montecarlo.

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The artist was invited to represent Italy with two works, from 3 to 27 August 2016, at the RW21 exhibition space of the Bayreuth University Library, simultaneously with the annual Bayreuth Festival – festival dedicated exclusively to the famous composer Richard Wagner and pilgrimage destination for enthusiastic Wagnerians, who often have to wait years before being able to get a ticket.

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The Italian artist donated a print (mixed media on parchment) to RW 21 showing a portrait of Richard Wagner in front of Villa Wahnfried.