Serafino Botticelli from Carassai

At the centre of my work there is always man, but there is also the immensity of the world, of the universe, before which man is but a particle, a cell in the microcosm, striving to maintain his balance in the cosmic universe.
In the sidereal silence shines a light that comes from beyond time and space, where man perseveres in his search for the Other. But the Other travels along an endless path that is far from the routes of man — and so the quest is endless. This is the place of visual sensations that can be perceived beyond the most vivid imagination.
It is not the task of the artist to express the feelings of his works — that is something he will never do.

Serafino Botticelli
  • Botticelli has participated in many local and national art events, and among other things has illustrated the volume “Studio Firmano 25 anni di vita 1955-1980”.
  • 1973 – Mostra Concorso Regionale di Pittura [Regional Painting Exhibition/Competition] – Municipality of Macerata, Association of European Students.
  • 1973 – Premio Nazionale Città di Reggio Calabria [National Prix City of Reggio Calabria].
  • 1987 –Premio di Pittura “Miniquadro” [“Miniquadro” Painting Award] with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Casalecchio di Reno.
  • 1989 – Solo Exhibition at Palazzo dei Priori, Fermo, organized by the Municipality of Fermo (Office for the Promotion of Culture).
  • 1990 – Solo exhibition at Castello di Falconara Alta, organized by the Municipality of Falconara Marittima (Office for the Promotion of Culture), with the sponsorship of the Marche Region.
  • 1990 – Solo exhibition at Museo dell’informazione, Senigallia, organized by the Municipality of Senigallia (Office for the Promotion of Culture), with the sponsorship of the Marche Region.
  • 1990 – Solo exhibition at the Hotel Relax, San Benedetto del Tronto, organized by Associazione Albergatori – Riviera delle Palme di San Benedetto del Tronto.
  • 2006 – Solo exhibition at the Complesso Monumentale di San Salvatore in Lauro, Rome, organized by the Municipality of Fermo (Office for the Promotion of Culture) and the Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni, Rome, under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy.
  • 2015 – BIENNALE di ASSISI, Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte – at Palazzo Monte Frumentario in Assisi, organized by  Umbria Region, the Municipality of Assisi, the Municipality of Urbino, ABA – Accademia Belle Arti [Academy of Fine Arts] di Perugia e Associazione Beni Italiani Patrimonio Mondiale Unesco –
  • 2016 –ARTE GENOVA – XII Fiera d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea, 12-15 February
  • 2016 – FESTIVAL DI BAYERUT dedicated to the fampus music composer Richard WagnerRW21 Bayerut University Library, Baviera (Germania)3-27 agust
  • 2016 –ASPETTANDO LA BIENNALE – Mostra d’arte contemporanea internazionale, Pinacoteca, Assisi, 23-29 settembre.
    On this occasion the artist won the special prize for participation at the Biennale di  Assisi 2017
  • 2016 – Artist selected in the competition GemlucArt – Concours International d’Art Contemporain – 8° Edition, Auditorium Ranieri III, Montecarlo, 8-16 october –
  • 2017 – “Point of view” – 6th International Contemporany Art Exibition organized by Art Moor House, London City, 17 – 30 Jan 2017 –
  • 2017 – ART PARMA FAIR – VII edition, Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, 30 September – 8 October
  • 2017 – ART PADOVA, Contemporary Art Fair, 10-13 November
  • 2017 – NATALE IN ARTE Mostra collettiva d’arte internazionale, at Palazzo Franchi of Assisi (PG)
  • 2018 – ART EXPO SITION, 18 may – 30 june, at Palazzo Franchi of Assisi (PG)
  • 2018 – ARTE LIBERA TUTTI, 22 june – 2 july, at ARTE BORGO GALLERY in ROME
  • 2018 – “L’anima, il colore, la materia” at Fondazione Museo Crocetti – ROMA
  • 2018 – “Art Shopping PARIS”, at Carrousel du Louvre – Paris (FRANCE)
  • 2018 – MAG-Montreux Art Gallery – Salon d’art contemporain at Montreux (SWITZERLAND)
  • 2018 – ART PADOVA, Contemporary Art Fair, 16-19 November
  • 2019 – ARTE GENOVA – XV Fiera d’arte Moderna e Contemporanea, 15-18 february
  • 2020 – ART Innsbruck 2020 (24° edition) , 16-19 january at Innsbruck (AUSTRIA)
  • 2020 – “Genesis – Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea”, 4-12 September , at Museo Bellini – FIRENZE
  • 2021 – IV ESPOSIZIONE TRIENNALE DI ARTI VISIVE A  ROMA, 11-20 june 2021, at Palazzo Velli expo – ROMA
  • 2021 – “INFINITY ART”, 17-29  july 2021, at Ateneo de Madrid (SPAGNA)
  • 2022 – “Beyond sight”, 2-12 july 2022, at Onart Gallery – FIRENZE
  • 2022 – “Plenitude”, 3-17 september 2022, at Museo Diocesano San Matteo – SALERNO
  • 2023 – “Il respiro dei mondi”, 3-15 june, at Società delle Belle Arti Circolo degli artisti “Casa Dante” – FIRENZE
  • 2023 – ArtMonaco [VIDEO EXHIBITION], 25-27 august , at Fiera Art Monaco (Chapiteau de Fontvieille), MONACO / MONTECARLO
  • 2023 – “Transparent as a Dragonfly”, 5-18 october, at Arte Borgo Gallery – ROME
  • 2024 – “Transparent as a Dragonfly”, 4-9 march 2024 at Bermondsey Project Space – LONDON

Works in public and private collections.

  • “Maestro d’Arte”, received in 1971 from the Istituto Statale d’Arte [Art School] (Metals Division), Fermo.
  • “Maturità” [Diploma] in Applied Arts, received in 1973 from the same school.
  • Diploma following a Course in Scenic Design, received in 1977 from the Accademia di Belle Arti[Academy of Fine Arts], Macerata.
  • Professional qualification certificate as Tecnico di Teatro [Theatre Specialist], received in 1991 from Teatro Europa Esperimenti (TEE), Ancona.
  • 1974 – G.A.D. (Gruppo di Arte Drammatica) “Firmum”: Teatro Dialettale di Fermo, for a comedy by Dante Cecchi: “Le beghe di un curato di campagna”, shown at Teatro dell’Aquila, Fermo.
  • 1974 – G.A.D. “Società Operaia” Porto San Giorgio, for a comedy by Dacia Maraini: “Viva l’Italia” (selected for the X Rassegna Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “A. Perugini”, Macerata), shown at the Arena della Rocca (Porto San Giorgio), Teatro dell’Aquila (Fermo) and Teatro “Lauro Rossi” (Macerata).
  • 1977 – G.A.D. “Firmum”, Fermo, for a comedy by Claudio Messineo; “Il diavolo punito”, shown at Teatro dell’Aquila, Fermo.
  • 1978 – G.A.D. “Firmum”, Fermo, for a comedy by Peppino De Filippo; “Quel piccolo campo”, shown at Teatro dell’Aquila, Fermo.
  • 1985 – G.A.D. “Firmum”, Fermo, for a comedy by D. Cecchi; “La pensione”, Rassegna dialettale città di Fermo.
  • 1992 – G.T. “La Rocca” (Porto San Giorgio) and “Firmum” (Fermo), for a comedy by Istvàn Orkény; “La famiglia Tot (Tôtek)”, shown at the Porto San Giorgio Town Theatre.
  • 1993 to 2017 – Macerata Opera Festival; scenic designer (painting) and Materials Provider for the opera season at the Arena Sferisterio and the Teatro “Lauro Rossi”, Macerata.

Over the last twenty years: numerous journeys in foreign countries, studying the artistic and spiritual aspects and the naturalistic features that characterize the life of a people.

  • The “Big Apple” or the capital of the world, New York, and Florida-Miami (United States).
  • Maya civilization and ruins (Mexico).
  • The Caribbean island of Jamaica with its ethnic variety and reggae music.
  • Upper and Lower Egypt, the Nile and its Temples.
  • Kenya and its unpolluted nature; the Maasai people.
  • From the Guanches to the Spanish conquests, the majestic volcano Mount Teide (Island of Tenerife – Canary Islands).
  • The Island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), a place that brings to mind the creation of the Earth, with seas of lava, grottoes and volcanoes; the Cesar Manrique Foundation.
  • The Island of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean south of Turkey, with its parks and Orthodox monasteries; the northern part controlled by Turkish Cypriots and the southern part by Greek Cypriots.
  • Germany, along the valley of the Rhine, dotted with Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals and castles.
  • The Island di Hvar (Croatia), or Pharos, as it was called by the Greeks in the late third century BC, inhabited since the Neolithic period, where nature is almost untouched.
  • Senegal, and the Wolof people of the Savanna, whose origins are lost in the mists of time.
  • Recife, Brazil. A country that elicits strong emotions, full of wonders of nature and cultural diversity. People of Indian origin live together with whites and blacks, the descendents of European colonizers and African slaves, where the colour of the skin does not divide but unites.
  • Island of Fuerteventura, Canary islands. Geologically the oldest of the Canary Islands, called “Erbaina” by its first inhabitants.
  • Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco. An internationally famous centre of attraction and tourist destination set between the mountains and the sea.
  • Olympia, Greece. This is the land beloved by the Gods, the birthplace of cultured man, sensitive man, philosophers, mathematicians.
  • Ephesus, Turkey. The archaeological wonders of the Hittite and Roman ages (Ephesus, Miletus, Troy), cities adorned with masterpieces of Islamic art.
  • Jerusalem, Israel / Bethlehem, Palestine. A land that over time has been called Canaan, Judea, Samaria, Galilee and Palestine.
  • Cairo, Egypt. The remains of the civilization of ancient Egypt, the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids.

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Certificate of participation in the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR OF ART AWARD

02.25.2017 – HEARING by FRANCESCO PAPA, Sala Nervi at the Vatican City.
On behalf of the Community Capodarco, commissioning and delivery of a painting of the Abbey of St. Mark the Fermo Marshes (ink on parchment).
Shooting on live television on TV2000 and quotation with article in the newspaper “Corriere Adriatico” of 26.02.2017.